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Dec 05, 18   Ali   0 Comment

I am excited that after a long hiatus I am bringing Katie Holmes Online back! My love for Katie has not stopped and I have decided to share that love through this site again! I have added all of the missing events from this past year to the gallery! And gave the site an all […]

Feb 13, 17   Samantha   0 Comment

Our website will be on hiatus indefinitely due to personal reasons. Sorry for the inconvenience. Thank you for your understanding.

May 05, 16   Samantha   0 Comment

We have a beautiful new layout designed by Kimberly! I absolutely love it and I hope that you do too. Our icon archive is down, because I am moving it from Iconsort to WordPress. It should be back online shortly.

Feb 07, 16   Samantha   0 Comment

Welcome to the full version of Katie Holmes Source, your new online fan source dedicated to Katie Holmes. I’m so excited to open this website. I am still working on pages. Most of the main ones are online. I still have so much to add. Our photo gallery already has over 13,000 photos with more […]

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